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Terms of Service

Please be sure to thoroughly read the terms of service. A copy will be provided to customers upon purchase of services. These terms are non-negotiable. Payment for services is agreement to the terms.

1.  Payment is required in full upfront for all projects in order for any restoration work to begin on a pair.


2. Out of State/Town customers or local customers, in general, choosing to ship are responsible for all shipping fees.

3. All projected turnaround estimates are exactly just that, estimates. Some projects will be completed well before their projected turnaround, while some projects could go well beyond their estimated turnaround.

5. If you're in need of a fast turnaround, priority booking (skipping the line) is discretionally offered for an additional fee, if available. If priority booking isn't available and you're still insistent on a fast turnaround, we strongly recommend inquiring with another artist/restorer. 

6. Customers are updated periodically throughout the duration of the project including pics and vids of progress. Customers are also encouraged to reach out for an update if needed or if they have any other questions.

7. Customers that insist on rushing and/or being rude and disrespectful, will have the option of their shoes being stopped and returned as is. No refund will be provided under these circumstances.

8. With regards to cancelling an ordered service, there is a zero-refund policy. 

8. The Sole Clinique will make every attempt to restore shoes to their original factory state. There are no guarantees and not all shoes will yield "Brand New" results. Results are based primarily on the original state of the sneakers as well as the severity of wear and other factors.

9. Upon return of any restored or customized shoes, please handle them with care. Do not scratch, pick at, rub, or peel on any painted areas. Also, do not attempt to pull apart any reglued areas. All shoes that have been worked on are recommended for casual wear only. We will not repair, replace, or refund items due to general wear and/or poor care.

10. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items once shipped. We are also not responsible for any mishaps/damage during shipping transit. Any issues will need to be brought up to the shipping company. 

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