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Please read below for frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions that aren't listed, please ask during your consultation.

What are your prices?

Prices vary upon multiple factors including the type of shoes, the type of labor required/requested, and materials. While The Sole Clinique has a price range for all services, all shoes have their own history and services that are needed. Sometimes, what a customer thinks is just a "simple cleaning" turns out requires more extensive work and vice versa. Because of this, a consultation is required to assess the shoes for what is needed and/or what the customer desires.

Why do I have to book a consultation?

Consultations must be booked to ensure that any inquiries can be properly addressed and that shoes can be accurately assessed. While we totally understand and encourage price shopping around for the best rate, a lot of time goes into responding to inquiries and thoroughly assessing shoes. The booking process and $20 fee simply ensures that nothing is overlooked and that no time is wasted on either end while also weeding out flakers and non-serious customers. The benefit of the booking fee is that when a transaction is finalized, that $20 fee is deducted from the total price for a said quote.

Why is payment due in full upfront?

The Sole Clinique has a strict policy requiring payment in full upfront for all projects. While we understand that this is not typical of some artists or businesses in general, this has been a standard practice of ours for nearly five years. This is required simply to ensure that there is no type of delays, holds, or flaking on the back end upon the completion of shoes. Again, while we fully understand this policy isn't for everyone, it is a non-negotiable on our end and we fully recommend inquiring with another artist/restorer if you're too uncomfortable. 

How do I know that you won't run off with my shoes and money?

As previously mentioned, The Sole Clinique has been established over the last five years and has built a solid reputation locally as well as online with providing quality finished products. Our reputation and namesake is way more important and means more than any pair of shoes and/or little bit of money. You will never ever be able to find anyone that can say that the Sole Clinique ran off with their shoes/money because this business has been built on five years of trust and customer service. Quite frankly, our business relies on it. 

Can I send mutliple pairs for a discount?

The more, the merrier for sure. While we don't have set discount rates for full restoration projects, we can definitely work out pricing that is fair for both parties considering the necessary labor on said shoes.

Is shipping available?

Yes! My clientele is primarily online and well over half of my clientele is based out of state. Please be aware that customers are responsible for all shipping fees.

What are your turnaround estimates?

Turnarounds vary but generally, all cleanings are based between 15-30 day estimates while all full restorations and custom projects are based between 60-90 day estimates. With that, please be aware that those are strictly estimates and projects can potentially be completed well before the estimate or even go beyond the estimate. The Sole Clinique is currently a one-man show with a lot of projects to work on and only two hands to complete them. 

If you're in need of a fast turnaround, priority booking (skipping the line) is offered discretionally, if available, for an additional fee. Outside of that, it is best that you inquire with another artist/restorer if you're insistent on a fast turnaround.

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