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About The Sole Clinique

The Sole Clinique is the #1 premier shoe repair service in the Middle Tennessee area specializing in providing high-quality restorations and customs. We offer premium services to local and out-of-state customers. Our services include deep cleaning, deoxidizing (unyellowing), partial/full reglues, midsole repaints, scratch, and scuff repair, midsole swaps, tab swaps, customs, and much more. With 5+ years of experience and referrals, customers can take comfort in knowing that their shoes are in good hands and that the final product will have a high-quality factory finish. Please refer to the restoration galleries for our portfolio of various projects and services that have been completed over the years.


The Sole Clinique began as a hobby by Nick H. (Owner) in 2017 to repair shoes in his collection he had amassed over 15+ years. After guinea pigging his own shoes to varying degrees of success, Nick realized that not only did he enjoy repairing shoes, he also could possibly provide a service to the sneaker community. Nick continued practicing on his shoes as well as friends' and families' pairs. At the beginning of 2018, Nick worked on his first official clientele pair and what started as a hobby quickly snowballed into a small business over the next 4 years. In 2021 Nick officially launched "The Sole Clinique" and began running it full time after 4 years of simultaneously working full time and repairing customers' shoes part-time.

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From the Owner

Hey guys. This is Nick Holden (aka Nizzi Nick), owner of The Sole Clinique. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to browse the website. I have been collecting sneakers for well over 15 years and have been restoring and customizing shoes for 5 years. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would actually be at a point where my love for sneakers would provide for me and my family. I feel very fortunate to be in a position to actually do what I love for a living and wouldn't be in that position without you, the customers and supporters. Thank you to any and everybody that has ever done business with me, inquired, referred people to me, and shared my work. This is not possible without your assistance along the way and I am forever grateful for that so thank you all once again.

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